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IntraWave ESG Solutions

What is ESG?

  • ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) framework to assessing the impact of the sustainability and ethical practices of a company.

  • Investors consider it important in their selection of investments.

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  • Waste and Pollution

  • Resource Depletion

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission

  • Deforestation

  • Climate Change

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  • Employee Relations and Diversity

  • Working Conditions

  • Local Communities

  • Health and Safety

  • Conflict

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  • Tax Strategy

  • Executive Remuneration

  • Donations and Political Lobbying

  • Corruption and Bribery

  • Board Diversity and Structure

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Indoor Air Quality - A Professional pure air producer for your business

The Purifier that kills 99.9% of virues and bacteria.

Intrawave is an exclusive partner of Aura Air.


Energy Optimization - The Best Control Is No Control

Lumani - optimizes light and aircon energy consumption resulting in:

  • Up to 40% reduction in light & aircon energy wastage

  • Derive savings from intelligent usage (15%), which is slated to increase with usage rate.

  • Achieving ESG and Green mark commitment

  • Increase property value through green and smart building

Intrawave is an exclusive partner of Lumani.

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Water Utilization Monitoring - Not Just Another Water Leak Detector

Watrix - prevent water wastage

  • Intelligent alert to detect hidden leak in realtime

  • Smart algorithm for usage pattern identification and detection

  • Provide interactive educational tools

  • Hassle free installation, low maintenance

  • Scalable for large deployment

Intrawave is an exclusive partner of Watrix.

Saving Today’s Earth Impacting Tomorrow’s Generation

Whether your building is existing or new, there are always opportunities to save energy.

Intrawave is an exclusive partner of G-Energy.

Wireless Communications Infrastructure

Specialises in "Design and Build" of radio infrastructure for mobile communication services.


Provides solution architect, deployment and managed services.


Currently owns and operates the radio coverage infrastructure in Singapore's North East MRT line.


Energy Monitoring - Energy Intelligence At The Edge

  • Ampotech provides visibility into the energy performance of the residential, commercial and industrial building.

  • Ampotech is able:
    • To provide data points
    • To monitor power usage in real time • To integrate with 3rd party software

Intrawave is an exclusive partner of Ampotech.

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Smart Space Optimization

  1. Work space planning based on real data

  2. Workplace right sizing based on actual requirement data

  3. Monitors Covid restriction by alerting when maximum occupancy is breached.

  4. Fire safety by providing real- time information on where people are in the building.

  5. Lone worker safety

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Smart Fish Farming​

  • Measure & Analyze water quality

  • Fish tank monitoring

  • Real-time visualization

Intrawave Service

  1.  Bespoke IOT solution design and deployment

  2.  Operations excellence for more than  20 years for demanding Telco domain

  3.  Exclusive Distributor for Aura Air, Lumani and Watrix

  4.  Flexible financing model